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Episode 3: Points on the Board!

We saw some action this week! Congratulations to Andy, who checked an impressive 4 people off his list, putting him in first place, and with quite a margin. But there are still three episodes left, and anything can happen. JamesTedDorenePabloIsraelJenniferMikeAlexAndyBlood112.5025255012.55012.5212.5Place295537371

NameDead?PayoutJamesTedDorenePabloIsraelJenniferMikeAlexAndyCersi Lannister7.1Melisandrex12.512.5252512.512.512.5Jamie Lannister14.3The Mountain6.7Sansa Stark20Euron Greyjoy25Arya Stark33.3Tyrion Lannister33.3The Hound33.3Missandei33.3Gilly50

The Bets Are In!

We have eight players, so the prize is $40. We've bet on 26 different characters between us. Almost everyone bet on Cersi, and it seems that we're pretty sure Jamie, Mesisandre and the Mountain aren't long for this world either.

NameTotal SharesPayout Per ShareJamesTedDorenePabloIsraelJenniferMikeAlexAndyCersi Lannister147.113141121Melisandre812.5122111Jamie Lannister714.3211111The Mountain156.7101211Sansa Stark5201211Euron Greyjoy4251111Arya Stark333.3111Tyrion Lannister333.3111The Hound333.3111Missandei333.312Gilly25011Samwell Tarly25011Beric Dondarrion25011Night King25011Grey Worm25011Sweet Robin333.33Daenerys Targaryen11001Lyanna Mormont11001Varys11001Yara Greyjoy11001Brieanne of Tarth1100

Game of Thrones Death Pool

Anyone up for a Game of Thrones death pool? We can bet on who we think will die this season. How will it work? Ante up $5. That gets you 10 shares to distribute any way you choose between up to 10 characters you think will fail to survive this final season.

When a character dies, they generate 100 blood. The blood is evenly divided among all shares. For example, if Abed bets 1 share on Brienne dying and Shirley bets 4, Abed would get 20 blood, and Shirley 80.

The person with the most blood on their hands at the end of the season will win the pot because: When you bet on Game of Thrones, you win or you . . . lose $5. Or I guess you could tie, and split the pot with the other winners. (Clearly, I'm not as pithy as Cersi. Sorry.)

When everyone has placed their bets, I will post shares and standings both here and on facebook. For transparency, my bets are at the bottom of this post.

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